Careers in Technology: Best Tech Jobs of 2014

Whether you’re looking for an online career in Information Technology or you are interested in getting a job as a developer, tech jobs are today’s hottest trend in the world. You can practically build, grow, and do almost anything that you want and need in the computer.

All you have to make sure of is that you have the skill, commitment, and drive to make these things happen. If you possess all these things or if you’re looking for a change, you might want to check out the best tech jobs this year.

Software Developer

With an average salary of $90,000 and unemployment rate of only 2.8 percent, software developer currently tops this list of the best jobs in technology. But what exactly do these talented tech gurus do? For starters, they are responsible for your entertainment, productivity, or anything that you can get your hands on in your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

These people are the think-outside-the-box artists that create and develop software to make your life easier and more fun. They test, check, and improve apps and programs to further maximize your experience.

Computer Analyst

Computer Analysts play a vital role in many multibillion industries such as science, finance, health care, and technology. They design and analyze the programs that companies need to make them more efficient, to provide better service to their customers, or to make sure that everything is well-kept and safely guarded through some kind of protection. They have a median salary of $79,500 and have expected job openings of more than 127,000 for this year alone.

Web Developer

Web Developers have a minimum salary of $62,500 and has expected job vacancies of 28,500. These guys are responsible for the functions, format, designs, and everything else that you see in a certain website. If you’re interested in this kind of career, make sure that you know and understand the language, codes, and the trending features that clients might want you to create for them.

I.T. Manager

I.T. manager is one of the highest paying jobs in the industry and for a really good reason too. These are seasoned tech masters that have been in this field for years. Experience plus skill can be a deadly combination and that’s why many corporate companies want them and are willing to pay them big bucks just so they can manage, lead, and provide an organized business structure on how technology can be seamlessly incorporated with their processes and ways. These managers are paid to make companies more efficient and profitable. That’s why their average salaries start at $130,000 with an unemployment rate of only 3.2 percent.

Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analyst is a job that almost all companies need. With an unemployment rate of 0.9 percent, these individuals ensure that all data and systems are protected and secured from possible viruses, cyber attacks, and other malware and phishing problems that might arise. They carefully and thoroughly analyze and evaluate the risks of a certain company or organization. They will then create a plan to keep the whole system from being vulnerable.  

Being in the tech industry has a lot of perks and you can be rest assured that you will always get a decent paying job that will be expected to grow in many years to come.  

Cloud Apps Roam the Company Circuit

Efficiency is the order for the day for businesses. That’s the basic reason a good lot of them have turned into software-infused companies one way or the other. Turning into cloud applications have made everyday tasks for businesses more efficient than the rest, giving them a sure edge over their competitors.

Since one company may perform one process differently, there are a handful of technologies made available to meet the requirements of the workflow. Cloud applications and other management software may be bought off the shelf or they may be developed according to the established needs and processes of the company. Whichever way, software integration is a need more than a want. It’s a necessity more than a desire. Here are some topnotch cloud apps that could make small business all abloom:


Mailjet is another email client slash management device. It helps drive up email marketing efforts to turn up the most impressive success rate. Mailjet ensures that marketing campaigns reach the right people at the right time. It helps optimize the company’s business goals through a real-time reporting feature and an intuitive email interface. The cloud capacity of the app as well as its feature continues to evolve as the company grows so as efficiency is not placed in jeopardy.


Android Apps That Pay You With Cash or Rewards

Smartphones are often expensive investments we make because they’re super awesome and a regular phone just wouldn’t do. But in every investment, there should be a return of benefit. And in smartphones, it is now possible thanks to apps that pay you for doing some odd little tasks.

The following are the top paying android apps based on their credibility, user-friendliness, and profitability:


This app is a fun way to earn a few extra bucks. All you have to do is to check in local stores and groceries, scan some items, and upload it. For each upload you can earn about 10 to 50 points and 1 coin. You can use the coin to spin the slots or play the scratcher which will pay 20, 50, 5,000 or 150,000 points to winners.

The points are convertible to gift cards. A total of 300 points amounts to $1.00 gift card which you can claim for a variety of products such as Amazon, iTunes, Sky Miles, Subway Gift Cards, iPads, or laptops. You can also donate your points to charity.


This app has been around a long time and is known for its credibility. All you have to do is to watch a few videos, play some games, vote in polls, and make purchases within the app. You can also search online for some stuff they tell you to and you can win 6 to 12 points. Every 10 SBTV you watch is equivalent to 3 swagbucks. You can earn a maximum of 75 SB per day through watching SBTV.

You can redeem the points through PayPal cash, physical prizes, and gift cards. Every 450 SB amounts to a $5 Amazon gift card and a $5 PayPal card costs 700 SB. There’s also a referral program where you get extra points for every referral that signs up. But after a maximum of 1000 SB you get from referral, the earnings from them stop.


Watch a little TV and you can get points in this amazing app. Simply open the app and watch your favorite TV show while the app is open. It recognizes which show and channel you are watching. Every one hour of watching earns you 60 points. If you watch the in app commercials you will earn 5-125 points.

There’s also a referral system where you get 200 points for every active referral. For every 9000 points you can get a $5 gift cards to various stores like Best Buy, Spotify, Starbucks, iTuens, Barnes and Nobles, Old Navy, and others. You can even avail of a Royal Caribbean Cruise for 4,000,000 points.

These apps are in no way going to generate a steady amount of income so don’t get your hopes up a little too much. They’re just here to help us earn a little cash while we do stuff we normally do. The key to maximizing your earnings on any app that pays is to have lots of referrals. If you can spread your referral code out there and a lot of users use it, you’re sure to earn more than a few bucks.